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Many more years than I care to calculate, I lived in Surbiton. There was a chap outside the station with a flower stall catching those commuters who needed to buy a bunch of flowers on their way home. There are many reasons why people buy flowers, good and bad, and with my companion we used to like to speculate who was buying and why. My abiding memory of the stall was less about the flowers, more about the banter. His catch phrase was bellowed in unsuspecting commuters ears “all buds, no duds.” This amused me but then perhaps I am easily amused.

So sharing my vase with you today as part of Cathy and her meme, the Surbiton florist came to mind.

Lots of buds yet to open on this Tête-à-tête arrangement of bulbs. I love the simplicity of the container, these tiny little flowers need no adornment. Thanks daughter Dorris. 💛

On my desk, another bud, this time a fattening camellia bud, cut from the garden.

This was tightly shut last week when I cut it. Slowly the warmth of the house has encouraged the bud to swell. I hope that it will eventually open to reveal its surprise: this pink bud will be a predominately white double flower.

Hopefully this won’t be a dud rather a fully functioning bud.

Have a good week. Thank you for reading. D.