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The snow has melted. Colour has replaced the monochrome scene. These are the Hellebores that have survived the weather in my garden.

Hellebore viridis

Hellebore niger

Hellebore Harvington double

Hellebore hybrid from Barnhaven Primroses classified as ‘open pollinated’ Hellebores. It is rather a pot luck way to purchase Hellebores but this one is a new favourite. I especially like the colour.

Hellebore orientalis (Gwladys)

Finally this newly transferred, highly freckled one is from Gwladys Tonge’s garden, identity unknown but forever called Gwladys in my garden.

This is Hellebore season and social media is full of yummy pictures of them. If you need another fix take at look Cathy on her March post as she has joined Chloris with her monthly post to review what is looking good in the month. So many lovely plants.

Have a good day. D.