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It is not often that you get six bishops under one roof at the same time, well certainly not in my house. There is perhaps a joke in there somewhere. Anyway.

These are my bishops: bishop of Llandaff, bishop of Oxford and bishop of York. Purchased from Woottens.

The bishops arrived safe and sound in net bags, sadly plastic but I shall reuse them in the winter when I lift the dahlias for safe store.

They were provided with clearly labelled plastic labels, useful whilst in pots but unlikely to be refused.

Each tuber resembles a weird bunch of desiccated brown bananas. Dry and firm they are ready for immediate planting.

I have gently placed the tubers in some fresh compost in plastic pots, making sure the stalk from last season is just poking above the compost. A little water and that’s it. Pop them under glass and wait.

Hey presto.

Well actually a bit more is needed to be done but it is simple. Keep them frost free, that’s essential.

Keep them warm and damp, not sopping wet.

Once the risk of frost has gone, plant them out in good garden compost, in a sunny spot. Stake them, feed them with a general garden fertiliser and Bob’s your uncle.

Lots of fab flowers until the end of Autumn.

Worth waiting for. Do give them a go if you have never grown them before. D.