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I picked these yesterday morning before the day warmed up to its predicted 22 degrees.  Can you believe how the weather has become Summer almost overnight? Every where you look people seem to be enjoying this long weekend of weather and making the most of the long awaited sunlight.  Anyway the tulip flowers are open and a day out in the heat would have finished them off.


I popped the tulips in the large blue glass vase brother Dorris gave as a gift many years ago.  It always works well with tulips as it hides the somewhat messy leaf and stalk set up that tulips do have. IMG_2588

From above the black table sets off the striking colours of Ballerina and Angelique while the dark near black of Queen of the Night seems properly black, she does seem regal.


So these may be the last of my tulips but I have been pleased with them as they all flowered in pots last year and were lifted and repotted in a raised bed this year. I think they may have done better this year than last.

I hope as it is a bank holiday Monday you will have a few minutes to spare and to pop over to see Cathy.  There will be lots of other vases full of wonderful flowers, maybe some foliage and some will have accessories to look at.  It is a lovely way to start the week, go on, take a quick look, it will not disappoint.

Now if you will excuse me, I am hoping to get some garden work done before it gets too warm for an English gal like me.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are. D.