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It has been said before that gardeners are generous. I think all my friends are generally generous whether they are gardeners or not but when a gardening friend came for dinner she arrived with an especially generous armful from her garden. To have cut her bearded iris is so generous as they last for such a short time in the garden.

To these bearded beauties, sorry the variety is not known, she had added the white flowering, highly scented Philadelphus. (these have not liked standing in water)

Such a fresh green although it does not seem yellow enough to be P aureus in this picture.

Other foliage included a few Fatsia japonica leaves. Alchemilla mollis and an inspired addition of Epemedium.

I like how they look against the sides of the Suffolk earthenware jug, a gift from mother and father Dorris. Thanks folks.

So if you are sheltering from the steamy heat or a storm, click on the link : Rambling Cathy to see some of the other vases from around the world. D.