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It is always interesting to visit someone else’s garden don’t you think? This garden is delightful, loose, free, the epitome, if you like of a cottage garden. Consequently todays vase is the same.

There is an unknown variety of a pink rose and five different hardy geraniums. They are pink ones, white and purples. There are perennial sweet peas in soft pink and a dark pink lychnis. There is Alchemilla and the wild flower known as fox and cubs.

Dark claret buttons of Knautia Macedonica repeat the strength of colour from the lychnis.

The garden planting scheme was created by designer Laura Arison.

The jug is a complimentary green colour is stamped “Mersey” on the base and most likely will have been one of the owners finds. The colour repeats the poppy seed head colour. Pleasing.

Joining Monday Cathy with this vase.

Have a lovely Monday and thanks for reading. D.