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I have missed joining Cathy in her weekly meme but today I have got a bit of time at home to join her.

Firstly is a sprig of Verbena bonariensis in a Japanese Tom-thumb sized pot which I acquired at Darsham nurseries , Suffolk. It reminds me of the pebbles on the beach.

So not much picking or arranging involved but pleasing to my eye at least.

In the garden shelter I have an old acid bottle, don’t you?

into which I have picked flowers from Hosta Praying hands.

I am not really a fan of Hosta flowers as I think they detract from the beauty of the leaves so I snipped them and plonked them in the bottle.

My neighbour gave me a bunch of her perennial sweet peas. Pretty and pink, I have them in a blue glass bottle outside.

Aren’t they sweet.

Now do take a look at Cathy’s blog and look at some of the other lovely arrangements.