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Yesterday I opened my garden for the first time for NGS. This was an ambitious plan on my part as the garden was a paddock when we arrived in 2014. There was nothing here thanks to the former residents, a herd of goats.

In 2018 I have battled with a wet, cold winter which left standing water on my low-lying, clay soil as recently as April, followed by the driest Summer for 57 years.

Then, on the week of opening my garden, Thames Water decided to shut the lane to my house and put diversions in place. The final insult however was that the forecast was for rain!

The (NGS yellow) sunflowers were a market purchase to greet visitors on arrival and decorate the tea room aka the garage.

Sweet peas and dahlias in various shades of pink which I grow at work for Ali. I brought some of these home to decorate the tea tables.

I am pleased to report the afternoon was a great success: the rain held off, lots of people visited and perhaps most fun of all was that our very own Cathy joined by the Golfer came along. Cathy as we know is very knowledgeable about plants and floated around the garden chatting to visitors, answering questions. Meanwhile the Golfer did a sterling job, stood at the top of the lane waving traffic down towards the parking.

It was a really good day and I thought my garden did alright by the visitors. We raised just under £1400. Thank you to everyone who came.

Thank you to all my lovely helpers

The charities supported by NGS provide crucial care.

In memory of friends lost:








And for those currently undergoing care

Lucy and little Daisy, Get well soon!

In a Vase on Monday. Thanks for reading. D.