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I am joining The Propagator with six plants from my garden which are still looking good this Saturday.

In no particular order, first off the wonderful Cercis canadensis or Forest Pansy

I have had this small tree for about ten years and it spent nine of those in a large pot. Now in a raised bed it has room to spread its roots and it has grown by almost a third. Each new leaf is a delight, heart shaped, shiny and back lit they have a translucent quality to the glorious deep red.

2. Ground cover in a shape not unlike a lucky clover, this is Trifolium repens William. I like the dark foliage.

This is number 3 , Sanguisorba canadensis

It is a magnet for pollinators and seems to be thriving in my heavy soil

4. Jolly annuals, this is Zinnia, one of a mix pack of oranges, pink, reds and yellows. I rather like this pale pink one.

5: please excuse the poor picture but Dahlia William Morris is a corker. Dark foliage and a strong coloured red/ orange Dahlia flower.

Finally number 6 another annual, this is a claret sunflower.

I love the garden at this time of year when the light levels change and dew appears, I wonder what your six might be? Wishing you a great weekend. D .