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Hello. Joining The Propagator with a quick six from my garden this morning.

Verbena bonariensis tall, willowy and beautiful, a firm favourite with most people. Against a blue sky, what is not to like.

Just a green leaf?

This is a fabulous leaf, soft and furry to touch, think puppy soft, and such a magnificent scent, strong, powerful like those extra strong mints. This is Pelargonium Tomentosum. ( Not grown for its flowers which are very insignificant but white).

You know I love daisies, this is Erigeron, it’s everywhere.

Ground cover, Persicaria affinis gets into its own at this time of year. I enjoy seeing the flowers in various states of open.

The best yellow? Certainly gentle and rather charming this is Coreopsis Moonbeam.

Succulents are always fascinating and my collection is quite old but some years they do better than others. Whilst this years long, hot Summer was fabulous for them the long, dark, cold and wet Winter really harmed them. Even under glass they hated the dark and they came out this Spring looking withered and shrunken. Those that survived are looking much happier now.

Have a wonderful weekend. D.