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I am joining Cathy today with not one but two vases of flowers. My garden has recovered itself after the heatwave and things like Astrantia and Persicaria affinis have reappeared. In addition to these flowering, roses are also having a second show. The later flowering Coreopsis, Dahlias and Zinnias are also flowering.

Front left is my favourite rose Lark Ascending next to it the petal full, pink A Shropshire Lad.

From left is an open Shropshire Lad, pink and lilac sweet peas, no idea which they are, sorry. In the middle is a soft pink Zinnia with Astrantia behind. I am not completely sure which Astrantia this is as it has self sown, to its right is this rose, so pale it is almost white, Gentle Hermione.

By way of contrast the next vase has the Dahlia William Morris, Coreopsis Moonbeam and dark coloured Zinnias.

Added to this group is Verbena bonariensis which is making a bid to take over my garden. Worse things could happen.

Have a great week and do check out Cathy’s blog. The link is above, to see other Monday vases full of flowers from all over. What a nice way to start the week. D.