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Hello. I am missing you all.

I should be sharing my vase of flowers from the garden with you this morning and of course linking to our host https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com aka Cathy.

Yet I cannot.

My camera still works, I have seed heads to share and yet no pictures.

WordPress will not allow me to upload any images as I have used up all the allocated amount of space.

For the last two years I have paid for my domain and this year my credit card had expired so they were unable to process the payment. I was told. I was reminded but I was distracted by other stuff and so I missed the deadline. When I finally attempted to update my card details the price had changed from about £35 to £80.

Hold up, that’s expensive. I’m not sure I want to spend that much for this hobby site.

Perhaps I need to delete some of the many, many photos. That should do it. I have backed them up. That’s what I shall do. Once I selected those I wanted least, I was told that they will be deleted permanently from the site and no longer be available to view. So that means that if anyone wanted to read back on an earlier post the images will be gone. Hmm. Does that matter? Does anyone ever look back through posts?

My question to anyone who is still reading and thank you if you are, what should I do? Have you had this problem?

Shall I pay or shall I retire Dorris off early?

Let me know what you think. If you are an Instagram user you can find me and my pictures: digwithdorris1999

Have a good week. D.