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It is cold and bright here and these precious blooms are out in my garden today.

A double Hellebore, primrose and Viburnum.

So pretty and so tiny. In my tiniest “vase” which is 5cm x 4cm stamped 80 underneath, it was purchased in a junk shop. Perhaps it was for mustard? Anyway it is white and perfect to hold these minuscule offerings.

Sat on my kitchen window cill I hope the warmth of the house will encourage the viburnum and winter honeysuckle Lonicera fragrantissima to open a little for me to enjoy the sweet honeyed scent.

What do you mean you cannot see the honeysuckle, it’s there, behind the Hellebore.

I have a few snowdrops in the garden but they are so new, so precious, I couldn’t bring myself to pick them. I hope you will now take a look at our host Cathy to see what else is flowering in deepest January.

Have a good week. D.