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This afternoon, once the rain had eased off, I was working with my friend in her walled garden in Winslow. Tasks included shaping a cotoneaster, a light prune of the pear to remove the odd wayward branch, onto a brutally hard prune of Fatsia japonica to allow light into the centre and then Gary. Gary: Garrya elliptica. Well over 9ft tall this monster was gobbling up all the light. The cuttings filled the car but I ‘helped’ by bringing home a few branches for my vase.

Common name (not Gary) is the Silk tassel bush. Grown primarily for the silvery tassels, some of these are nearly 20cm in length. Suited to a north facing wall in shelter it has almost perfect conditions in this walled garden.

Anyway this is my Monday vase to share with you and Cathyโ€™s readers. Perks of the job? Perhaps.

Have a great week. D.