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February, the new May? Possibly.

Today has reached a yummy 17 degrees, a truly beautiful day.  I think that it is fair to say that most of us feel that Spring is on its way, certainly the garden and the birds think so.   Hold up, not so fast, last year we had snowfall on 1 March.  Hopefully there will not be a repeat this year but you never know, Winter is not over yet.

Looking around I have these six to share with you and Six on Saturday

  1. Crocus growing in the lawn are beginning to increase in number.  My favourites are probably the white ones for the purple markings on the petals.  Sweet.
  2. Rosemaryimg_0985I love Rosemary for its evergreen form, evocative aroma and pale blue flowers, early in Spring.  Very early this year.
  3. Primroseimg_0987

Primula silver lace is eye-catching and although I prefer the common primrose for its gentle shade of yellow there is something about the black petals that appeal to me.

4. Euphorbia

This is Euphorbia rigida which I love for its blue toned foliage, pointy shaped with yellow flowers in Spring. It is more upright growing than E. Myrsinties.

5. Euphorbia (this is not a repeat)

This is the purple woodland spurge with the not catchy name of Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Purpurea’ I like this plant for its dark foliage and red tones.

6. Euphorbia, I repeat, this is not a repeat.


Finally another woodland spurge this is Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae

This is as tough as old boots and will tolerate most soil and positions. Loving all the Euphorbias today it seems.

Take a look at the Propagator blog for a super selection of sixes.  Have a good weekend out there. D.