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It seems that February is finished for 2019 and what a February.  Record breaking temperatures here in England gave us all something to smile about, something to distract us from the politicial shenanigans. The weather gave me and you I trust, the opportunity to cut back all the perennials, prune the roses and lightly weed over the borders, frankly incredible, compared to this time last year, when we were under the white stuff thanks to the beast.  This Saturday I have another six to share with you and the Propagator.

  1. This is Clematis armandii.  An evergreen climber which flowers in early spring.  Scented, with petals which appear rather waxy.  It is a favourite clematis of mine and is smothered in buds which is very pleasing.IMG_1050
  2. Japanese quince Chaenomeles X superba Jet trail.  This is a dwarf shrub growing to no more than 1 meter tall.  It is located against the same stretch of fence as the Clematis above and I chose it for its white flowers.IMG_1051
  3. Hellebore.  This one is a double which comes through as a slightly green/white tinged pink.  Very pretty it seems to like the raised bed next to the tiny Tete a tete daffodils.  Raised beds work well for Hellebores as we can see their faces without having to lie on the ground. Thats my top tip for today.IMG_1032
  4. The birds certainly seem to think that spring is here and I spotted this nest up amongst the fat buds of my friends splendid Magnolia tree.

5. This is my green Hellebore. It came from a divided piece from my last garden. I am unsure if it’s name but I enjoy its contrast to the pink and white Hellebores. A fresh green, don’t you think.

6. This is a small Pheasant tail grass, Anemanthele lessonia, previously known as Stipa arundinacea. It is relatively short lived but self seeds freely around. If you fail to strip the seed heads it can be a nuisance in paths. Anyway I like its colouring and its nomadic spirit.

So that’s my six for today. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are. D.