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Despite the high winds over the last few days and a flurry of sleet last night, the daffodils are still standing. Such hardy things, daffodils generate blots of yellow about the gardens and verges and nearly everyone comments on them. I cannot imagine that there is a single person who does not like seeing daffodils each spring.

I am not keen on the colour yellow but I make an exception with daffodils. I prefer Tête-à-tête as the short stems tend not to collapse in windy weather, important for this garden which is rather exposed.

Rip van winkle is another favourite thanks to his shredded punky appearance.

This year van winkle and Tête-à-tête are joined by a mixed selection of scented daffodils from the Scilly isles. My friend Kay kindly carried a small box of bulbs home to give me an early birthday present. Even more generous considering the hand luggage only rules from the orange aircraft carrier. This is the first one showing, it has six tiny yellow flowers with orange centres on one stem and is highly scented with that heavenly sweet daffodil perfume. I believe it to be Grand Soleil d’Or.

Viburnum bodnantense Dawn is still flowering its highly scented pale pink Pom poms and now is joined by the first of the Grape Hyacinths.

They are in a 500ml flask which holds their tiny beauty carefully.

By contrast I have pinched three tiny violas from my bath tub container. Tiny violas too have a sweet perfume detectable at close quarters.

Their papal purple colours and velvet texture have been damaged by the weather even so I think their beauty is exquisite.

What do you have to share with us and Cathy this Monday. I’ll bet there is something.

Wishing you all a good week ,wherever you are. D.