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Chloris invites us to share our top ten blooms with her on the 23rd of each month. Although today is the 27th I want to share my top ten with her and you as I know she won’t mind too much that I am a couple of days late. So here they are in all their blooming glory:

Prunus Nipponica Ruby. This is a new tree in my garden a dwarf form and I am delighted by its blossom.

Philadelphus aurea This mock orange was included in my garden as I love this foliage. A fresh bright lime which stands out amongst all other green leafed shrubs. Not yet fully grown the leaves are opening swiftly now.

Bulbs are in full show right now well apart from the tulips who are coming slowlyTulip Ballerina I think.

This is the crazy and eccentric Allium schubertii . Just appearing.

Blue and white Hyacinths are filling the air with their heady aroma. I have these in raised beds to avoid my very heavy clay.

The marmite of bulbs? Perhaps. Grape hyacinth growing happily under the Hornbeam hedge.

Then there is this:

A single blue beauty. I do not what it is Chloris. It piggy backed from a garden who gave me a couple of Hellebores. I hope it stays and makes a few friends.

This may look a bit like Aquilegia but it is Thalictrum Elin. I adore Thalictrum and this one will be around 1.2m tall by Summer.

As Cow parsley pulls away so too is this dark leaf version, Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing.

Euphorbia amygdaloides purpurea

There you have it, my ten for March. Not bad for starters? Thanks for reading. D.