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Is it me or is this year galloping by? My garden is surging ahead, almost without me. I am inundated with weed seedlings but the dry clay is making it almost impossible to remove them properly. Weeding is a frustrating and almost futile exercise. How we need some rain but at night only please!

My Six to share with you and The Propagator this Saturday are these:

Euphorbias are at their most splendid at this time of year. Fresh and bright, eye catching

Cercis candanensis

I have had this Forest Pansy tree for at least eight years, initially it was in a pot, now its home is in a raised bed and this is the first time it has flowered. Very exciting to see. It is, honestly!

Borago officinalis

Once you have got borage in your garden you will always have it. These are self sown. Glorious colour and nectar for the bees. The flowers are a lovely addition to a gin and tonic, frozen in an ice cube. Talking of G&T….

This is Geranium macorrhizum

It forms large clumps of fresh foliage which when brushed against or crushed smells distinctly like gin and tonic.

Trifolium repens atropurpureum

A great ground covering plant. With purple toned clover like leaves it is attractive and interesting.

Myosotis arvensis

Some class these little beauties as weeds. Not me, I adore their particular shade of blue. So cheery. I think they look rather classy under the foliage of Sambucus nigra Black Lace.


In memory of Heather, my kind and generous friend, Mother in law and Nanny. 20/6/40 – 4/5/12 . Remembered every day. How I would have loved to share this garden with her.