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Hello Cathy. Here we are again, Monday. My vase this week is green and white, against a “skimming stone” coloured wall and arranged on a proper linen tea towel which came from a house sale at Winslow Hall, Buckinghamshire.

Featuring Solomon’s seal and Brunnera ‘Betty Bowring’ at least that is the variety I have noted down. The Brunnera came from a WI stall years ago and then a division from my last garden. A fresh green with tiny white flowers, it too likes a shady spot.

The containers are a flask and my Japanese thumb pot which I purchased a couple of years ago at Darsham Nurseries, Suffolk.

I love Solomon’s Seal however the slugs and snails do too, so I am more than happy to take a few stems now, before they do.

Polygonatum x hybridum

Arching stems with pendulum bell like flowers they seem to like my heavy clay soil.

I hope you enjoy your ‘extra’ day this weekend. Make time to look at Cathy’s blog, link above, to see some other Monday vases. Enjoy! D.