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It is according to the Met office the hottest June day on record. 33 degrees here. Scorchio. I started to take pictures this morning but gave up as it was just too bright. Rose ‘Morning Mist’ sweltering. This is a David Austin rose which was a gift and currently covers the wall by almost 2m square. A prolific flowering rose.


Verbena bonariensis is a great performer on my heavy soil. Nearly 2m tall. I love it for the butterflies it attracts and it’s all round prettiness.


Self sown Erigeron. It’s in all the nooks and crannies on the drive. I have to pull it out. Delightfully cheerful. Everyone loves a daisy, right?


Seed heads of poppies. These are everywhere as I shook them all about last year. Short lived but worth it.

5.A new addition

Salvia Amistad . I saw this at Great Dixter and loved its papal purple. Hoping it will thrive I have placed it in a raised bed to assist with drainage. Fingers crossed.

6. Last but not least

A zingy shout from Nasturtium Princess of India. I shall be adding this to my salads. Brother Dorris, if you’re reading, you have been warned.

These are my Six. The Propagator is our host. Thanks to him we get to share our favourite six. Join in or just read them. It’s harmless and fun and no one mentions Brex***t. All good.

Enjoy this amazing weather wherever you are. D.