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As we move into August the garden is beginning to alter. The roses are largely in a void period, preparing for a second flush. Hemerocallis are nearly finished. The Verbena is getting taller and taller mostly at 1.5m and falling over in the wind. The geraniums, alchemilla and Euphorbias need deadheading.

Newly flowering however are Persicaria Echinacea, Echinops, Coreopsis and Shasta daisies.

I decided to pick a few samples and line them up in my favourite ‘April’ vase by Tse-Tse.com

From left Echinacea purpurea, Verbena bonariensis. Echinacea Delicious Candy, Coreopsis moonbeam, Dianthus carthusianorum . Rose Lark Ascending. Echinops ritro, Echinacea purpurea Magnus, Persicaria amplexcaulis Firetail, Echinacea. Purpurea Fatal Attraction. Lastly a tiny pink flower, just seen, Althea cannabina.

What is in your vase today? What does our host Cathy have in her vase today. Take a look, join in.

Have a great week, wherever you are. D.