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I am under (self imposed) pressure to get the garden ready for its NGS opening on 29/9. Yesterday I made good progress chopping back, weeding and mulching and today a car full went to the tip. My Six today are some of the sights that I enjoyed this morning before the next round begins.


The Bishop of Auckland. Dahlia. Finally throwing some flowers. Hope Brother Dorris and family like this one.


Hairy bees and borage

3. Stipa tenuissima looking better for a comb to remove its sticky seeds.


Rudbeckia maxima looking more upright than yesterday thanks to a bit of late staking. The wind yesterday had all but flattened them.


Verbena macdougalii Lavender Spires. I especially like this variation for its curious fingers.


The foliage of the Cosmos looks vibrant against the dark backdrop of Aster lateriflorus Lady in Black.

That’s it. Back to the weeding. Hoping you get chance to join in or read The Propagator post.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are. D.