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I have missed joining Cathy and sharing my flowers. The time is just shooting by. Today I have a real mix of flowers, all grown by me at home and at work.

Firstly from home:

Zinnias with Rose Lark Ascending and Rose Gertrude Jekyll. Grown from seed the zinnias are doing well but some of the colours are not so great. They are colours which look a bit dirty, if you know what I mean.

A glass cream jug containing Cosmos cupcake and the last of the cornflowers both grown from seed. I put the two together as their petals have similar edges.

There was just one Rose ‘A Shropshire lad’ so to make him look less lonely, I added more cosmos.

Mixed sweets.

At work I am still picking Sweetpeas.

Their stems are shorter now and the plant is showing signs of powdery mildew so they will not last much longer. This handful are still ok.

Finally , last but not least, is the very popular, dare I say fashionable, Dahlia Cafe au Lait . A bit of a flying saucer but lovely cappuccino colours.

That’s it. Thanks for reading. Have a great week wherever you are. D.