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The weather the last few days has been glorious, warm, with highs of around 20c, blue skies and long shadows. Yet for gardeners it is a struggle to keep a garden looking fresh as it is so very dry.

Dry Alliums, hanging in the summer house. These are to my mind too pretty to compost and are almost as lovely as the Spring forms when they appear in shades of purple. These dried out skeleton alliums act as a reminder to pop a few more in this autumn. The first of my Six on Saturday

2. To quench the dry

These are my bottles of apple juice collected from Mr Nutkin, Tring’s Own Apple Juice. For £1.50 a bottle he can convert your apples and pears into juice. It prolongs shelf life of the fruit for up-to about 18months and is delicious too. Worth every penny.


Bees are happily doing their thing on the Cosmos. No bees no fruit. Very welcome here I say.

4.Sanguisorba candanensis

I love these and they grow well on my nasty hard clay ground.


These are the lovely tails of Calamagrostis brachytricha. They come into their own late in summer. Tactile.

6.Something sweet

This is Echinacea Delicious Candy. That colour is not enhanced in any way. Glorious in yer face pink.

These are my 6. Please join us and refer to the Propagator above to find out how.

Have a great weekend wherever you are. D.