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Back to routine today, I picked these around 1645 hrs. In the rain and in what seemed rather a dull, dark and decidedly chilly afternoon, today’s vase is full of flowers but they are showing signs of weather.

Rose a Shropshire Lad is still flowering but is showing rather bruised petal edges thanks to the rain and wind.

Rose Brother Cadfael

This is a new addition, given to me after it had struggled to flower in my friends garden. Thanks Liz, he seems to have decided to flower now the summer is over. A delicious scent overpowers the delicate rose scent from the Shropshire Lad.

Also flowering and fresh as a daisy in October is Leucanthemella serotina a fabulously fresh looking daisy type flower. At over 6ft tall with no staking it is my favourite in the garden right now. The bright eyed amongst you may see that there’s Cosmos cupcake in there as well. It too is flowering like crazy now.

Pink roses and white daisies anyone might think it’s summer. Alas not. I am however happy to be sharing these with you and Cathy our long serving host.

Wishing you all a good week wherever you are. Thanks for reading. D.