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Rain has come in this month and although, so far, the month is mild, the weakening light is changing the view.

My six I am sharing with you lovely folk and The Propagator this weekend reflect the changes:


At the garden where I work we battle to keep the Virginia creeper under control. It scrambles up the walls of the house and left unchecked comes in through the windows. Often threatened with a pruning saw at ground level, this week it has reminded us why it is allowed to stay.

2. Cafe au Lait

The tubers came from Waitrose and were planted last year. They overwintered under a deep mulch. Real show stoppers.


This is Helianthus salicifolius. Tall with lovely quirky foliage and topped with very late (October) opening golden flowers. I rather like the foliage more than the flowers.


Another late flowering lovely, this is Lady in black . Dainty flowers smother the stems from top to bottom. Really pretty it has been planted to form an informal edge to the border.


Autumn is certainly coming, just look at the turning foliage on the Crimson glory vine, Vitis coignetiae. This is growing on the wall of the garage and it is pleasing to see it begin to colour up as last year the leaves just dropped off with no colour change.


This dripping wet red leaf is Amelanchier. A small shrub currently it will become a statement feature in spring and Autumn.

That’s my six. Join us or read some of the other sixes. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are. D.