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Nearly, (another month gone).

How can it be the last day of November?  How can we have had so much wet weather? How can Brexit still be on the agenda!

Thankfully our gardens keep quietly changing with the passage of time, seemingly oblivious to the date or political climate, gently reflecting the changes in the weather.

My six to share with you and The Propagator are here, below.


Golden. Molinia Transparent. I absolutely love this grass. The warmth its colour generates is fabulous at this time of the year.


Frosted Foxgloves.

These hopefully will generate a splendid show of white next year. I say hopefully because as a biennial it might be 2021 before they flower and they could be the regular pink version. My fingers are crossed.

3. Calamagrostis brachytricha. Catching the sunlight, holding its distinctive form.


The seed heads of Crocosmia Lucifer are arching over the top of Stipa tenuissima. I like the contrast in texture between the two, almost as much as the fiery red flowers I grow it for.

5. Geese are on the move, please press play.

6. Now the leaves are down it is a good time to start tree work, planting and or pruning. This mornings debris warranted a bonfire.

Wishing you a good weekend wherever you are. D.