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As we are about to enter the 2020s, I have to ask, is it just me or does the start of the new millennium seem not that long ago?

It is a beautiful morning here with a clear sky and a touch of frost showing on the grass but my vase to share with you and our lovely host Cathy are Christmas leftovers rather than something gathered from outside today.

Cut amaryllis stems.

These were purchased from the market on 20/12. I kept them in water in a cool room until Christmas Eve when I brought them through to the warmth of the kitchen. Here they opened overnight and are looking fresh and lovely some ten days later. I prefer these creamy green trumpets to the traditional red.

My other vase has dried Hydrangea Annabelle flowers, sprinkled with a gold spray. Aerosol cans do not work very well these days and to be honest I was disappointed with the finish on these.

I have used a frog in the base of the pot to hold the stiff stems in place. 


The tiny clusters of flowers are so pretty but I still feel the gold looks remarkably like the dried flowers: brown!

That’s it for 2019. I shall be joining Cathy when I can in 2020 and encourage you to join us too.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020 wherever you are. Thanks for reading. D.