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Under electric light, flowers can look a bit ‘not right’. It has been a very grey, wet afternoon here and the lights need to be on. At risk of them not looking quite right, here goes:

Viburnum bodnantense Dawn. Wet with rain this sugared-almond pink sprig is pumping out its overly sweet aroma.

It has a twiggy stem, flowering as it does on bare wood.

Hellebores are opening their flowers for only the insistent of spectators. You really have to get down to their level, ankle height, and tip their heads gently upwards. Reluctant stars they are a pretty sight amidst the bare ground.

These are finally making good sized clumps, unnamed hybrids which came as tiny potted plants from the market.

My favourite is the green Hellebore argutifolius. Simple and elegant by comparison to the can-can skirted hybrids.

Did you notice the charming set of four little vases? Sister Dorris purchased them for me . They are etched glass and thought to be from the Victorian era. Perfect size for these tiny early Spring flowers. What do you think?

Another look at my green Hellebore with which I have put a white viola. These tiny viola flowers have a strong sweet scent. A wonderful distraction from all that is not so wonderful.

Thank you Cathy for hosting. Thank you for reading and have a good week wherever you are. D.