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Primrose promise

Despite a couple of hard frosts this week, this seems to be a wet, mild winter. The garden is showing signs of new growth promising me that Spring is coming soon. Primroses are budding.

Last years Hellebore foliage, so last decade, has been cut away to reveal the delicate shy flowers which have appeared almost over night

Camera shy Hellebores
Hellebores need gentle persuasion to see their faces

Other perennial growth is emerging from the dirt. The foliage of Poppies such as Patty’s Plum and Perry’s white are showing.

Bristling foliage of perennial poppies

Camellias do not tolerate my heavy clay soil and so mine are in large containers. It is pleasing to see the flower buds are fattening up.

Swelling buds on the Camellia

Clematis armandii scrambles across four fence panels, hiding the panels with its glossy foliage. It is about to enter its best phase, opening buds will reveal copious waxy white flowers which fill the terrace with their delicious scent.

Buds of Clematis armandii

My fig tree, Brown Turkey, came from a pot in my last garden. Now growing in a raised bed on the terrace, these buds look promising. I might finally get some fruit in 2020. A first.

Saturday promises to be the best of the weather this weekend, before Ciara blows in. I am hoping to get out to continue cutting back last years perennial grasses.

Joining The Propagator with my six this Saturday. Wishing you a lovely weekend wherever you are. Thanks for reading. D.