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My garden has been swamp like for what seems like months and months. So horrid. I have hardly been able to get out there. Today I squelched across grass that needs cutting to look for some flowers to join Cathy and her regular followers.

There are hellebores and daffodils, iris reticulata and viburnum. There is blossom on the plum tree and fresh growth showing on the Hemerocallis and those plants formerly known as sedums. Leaves are budding on the Sambucus and the Hydrangeas. Roses are budding their purple leaves. There is much happening out there.

I have chosen a small selection to put in my vases

Small scale vases.

This pot has Narcissus tête-à-tête and Rip van winkle. You can see they are mud spattered. The one with the orange centre came as a birthday gift box of bulbs from the Isles of Scilly. Highly scented these are always delightful, thanks Kay.

Iris reticulata are exquisite and I shall try adding some named varieties for next year now that I know they are happy under the chestnut trees. Behind is a twig of the delicate pale blossom of the plum tree.

A sprig of candy floss pink viburnum blossom and that’s my lot for today. Please take a look at other participants picked flowers, it is incredible how different they all are each week. Thanks to our host Cathy who always, without exception responds to our posts.

Have a good week, wherever you are. Thanks for reading. D.