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Hi Cathy. In case you do not know, Cathy is the the host of this meme to share something from the garden.

I am happy to report that blue refers to the colour of my flowers for today’s vase, rather than my mood.

World news frankly beggars belief. I feel as if I am taking part in some dodgy science fiction film ( and I mostly hate science fiction). The virus is all consuming unless we are careful to limit our exposure. Social distancing is the new norm.

I have clustered these glass vases in reckless close proximity. Taking kicks where one can.

I have had rare moments in my garden this year thanks to the wet weather. The incessant rain and heavy clay soil left the garden sodden all winter. To have tried to walk on it, let alone garden, would have done more damage than good. So it is a very welcome relief to see the sunshine over the last couple of days.

The perennials are all cut back and I have my dahlias potted up. The lawn has had a light trim. Just an enormous amount of weeding needs to be done, once I have taken the other debris to the household waste site. ( I hope they are still open?).

For those of us who are lucky enough to have an outside space we can keep calm and carry on gardening in our free time.

I will be trying to catch up on my garden now that it is beginning to dry out. With heavy clay there is a window between when it’s too sticky, when wet, or like concrete, when dry.

The flowers are shades of blue: Hyacinth, Muscari, and a delicate Siberian squill.

I hope you are staying safe, keeping to the new rules. If you are WFH perhaps you could try joining in, it would be lovely to see what flowers you have in your garden.

Have a good week wherever you are, stay safe and thanks for reading. D.