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Around the side of my house is a rather dark concrete spot. To look out from the window on to these dirty dark grey slabs is very unattractive and definitely ugly. I could clean them, I have in the past believe it or not. Anyway I thought I would take them up and create a new planting area. Out came the slabs. The cut slabs were edged in a rustic fashion, ie. wonky, with some old bricks that had been taken out from elsewhere in the garden. Full of sand and blue clay, perhaps this wasn’t such a great idea after all.
I added a bucket of manure and a load of tree and shrub compost. The big lumps of brick and and cement were removed.

Initially my plan was to order in some box edging, a large urn perhaps or some topiary to be mixed with colour themed annuals and seasonal bedding in the form of bulbs and annuals.

For now I shall make do with seed sowing.

To this bunch I shall add squash, spinach and dahlias.

It will be a riot of colour and certainly a whole lot prettier than previously. I will keep you posted.

So these are my six to share with you and The Propagator . ‘Hold up!’ I hear you say, there’s only five there. That’s right, I owe you one.

Strange times. Stay safe wherever you are. Thanks for reading. D.