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Aquilegia Greenapples, Erigeron,

Aquilegias are all over the garden in shades of purples and burgundy. A cheery marking of early summer. This is Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata ‘Greenapples’ Her bonnet is much more considered. Significantly bigger, a warm apple tone to its white. Long elegant spurs out the back of the bonnet.

London Pride
Saxifraga x urbium

Sometimes the smallest things just do it. The tiny flowers of London pride are exquisitely marked. Flicks of pink dots adorn the tiny petals. The stems are a shade of pinky brown. Common as, but a beauty nonetheless.

Then there are the others. A riot of colours. A rainbow of blues and purples, pinks and red, juicy oranges.

In a vase on Monday

There are Aquilegia, Thalictrum, Persicaria bistorta, Anthriscus Ravenswing, Cerinthe, Geum Mrs Bradshaw, she’s the red one and Eschscholzia the orange Californian poppy.

A dazzle of colour so perhaps you can see why I separated out the small but beautiful ones first. They’d be lost in that lot.

All together now

In the sunlight I feel I need my sunglasses on looking at this bunch.

Joining Cathy and bloggers from around the globe. Pick some of your home grown flowers, place in a vessel of any sort and tell us all about it. Share with us and link to Cathy using the link above. Simple fun.

Have a great week wherever you are, thanks for reading. D.