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It is 1800hrs and I have quickly taken some pictures in the garden. The light is still too bright for good photos but unless I leave things for another two or three hours, there will be no discernible difference. May has officially been the driest on record and we have had the sunniest Spring since 1929.

Joining our host The Propagator and other bloggers from round and about, here are my quick six for this, the last Saturday in May.

Nigella and Allium christophii

The Allium Purple sensation has finished and the A christophii are stepping up next. A steely or metallic looking pale purple, these are bigger than Purple Sensation but shorter. In the foreground is the first of my Nigellas.

Allium christophii

I love annuals. I love it when they self seed and appear where they choose. One packet of seed, costing a couple of quid can give years of joy.


I thought my garden might be too cold, too exposed and too heavy for these lovely perennials. Planted in a raised bed to help drainage I leave it long and shaggy all winter, resisting the urge to tidy up until April. Dark claret bells are quietly forming. Yay!

Sambucus Black Lace

This is a shrub I would not be without. I love the deeply divided, dark foliage, the froth of flowers and dark berries. To encourage more foliage, I cut it back by a third each spring.

black lace
Clematis Annabelle

I have admired herbaceous clematis for many years and finally I have introduced Arabella into my borders. Rather than climbing, she will scramble through the borders. Neat, tidy, single, purple flowers. I am so pleased to introduce this to my garden. From Westcountry Nurseries (north Devon) ltd.

Clematis Arabella AGM

Another Allium, this time Allium schubertii .

Allium schubertii

I love this bonkers Allium. Arms waving like a conductor leading his orchestra.

I hope you have a good weekend wherever you are and thanks for reading. Stay safe. D.