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As we fast approach midsummer I am finally getting to enjoy my roses. They suffered the indignity of standing about for months in cold water until March. They were then baked in hot weather only to have their new foliage burned by a late frost. No wonder their flowers have taken so long. There were times when I thought I might have lost them all together.

Climbing rose Morning Mist is on a sheltered south facing wall and has been flowering for well over two weeks. I picked some last week to door drop to my friend who was celebrating a birthday.

Everything but the kitchen sink

The terracotta toned pink rose of Morning mist was mixed with Stipa gigantea, Ammi majus, blue Nigella hispanica, Californian poppies, a bit of the Cerinthe and a couple of Dianthus Carthusianorum. As I said, everything but the kitchen sink pulled into that bunch.

Today I have picked the delicious Rose Gertrude Jekyll. She is a strong pink colour and has the most incredible strong rose scent. The only thing you have to watch about Ms Jekyll is that she is as prickly as they come.

No messing with those thorns

Her petals make lovely confetti when dried. I am saving petals for the day that sister Dorris gets married. All plans have had to change of course but when the day comes I shall be ready to shower her and David with petals.

Sharing my flowers with you and our hostCathy.

Rose Gertrude Jekyll

Have a great week wherever you are and thanks for reading. D.