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After the deluge the last couple of days I can almost hear the garden sighing in relief. I am joining The Propagator our host for this meme of six things in the garden on a Saturday. Simple. Do join in. Take a look at his blog for details.

Come into the garden with me

Firstly the roses are coming into their own. Rose Gertrude Jekyll smells divine and in early light her colour sings.

Rose Gertrude Jekyll

Another pink ( I did not realise I had chosen as much pink as this, I don’t think of myself as a pinky sort of girl).

Lily the pink the pink the pink

Unscented these supermarket bulbs were popped in a few years ago. Normally I get half a dozen to enjoy . Alas this year, the lily beetle has eaten the rest to a stump.

To counter all the pink I like Alchemilla mollis. As an edging it is delightful and I allow it to seed around. The chartreuse colour is great when against pink.

Alchemilla mollis

Another similar shade of green is from the foliage of the variegated Indian bean tree species Catalpa pulverulentum.

Catalpa pulverulentum

The leaves had started to emerge and then they were hit by the late frost. I won’t lie but I was rather worried that I might have lost it. Thankfully new leaves have emerged and it is looking gorgeous.

Back to more pinks and it seems I really do like them after all. This time Dianthus.

Dianthus Carthusianorum

I love this Dianthus for its tall willowy habit that blends so well with Verbena bonariensis.

Aeonium corner

In the run up to my open garden last year, I received over 30 Aeoniums which had been generously donated. ( Thank you Anthony if you are reading). I sold some entire plants on the day and lots and lots of cuttings. I have overwintered the leftovers in the house and taken cuttings to grow on for further sales. As I have had to cancel my prearranged openings I shall grow them on for another year. Now outside I have created a little collection.

These are my Six for today. I hope you have a good weekend and thanks for reading. D.