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The garden here is really beginning to mature and fill in, now that it is some five years old.  Walking round this morning, after so much rain last night, these were my favourite sights.


The Aeoniums were looking fabulous with raindrops this morning.  This is Aeonium velour.  I have to overwinter them in the house and by the time it is safe, frost free from about mid-May the Aeoniums tend to look rather puny and pale.  They like the heat but in particular they need good sunlight.  That is perhaps why they do so well in coastal locations.  By July they are really looking as they should, sumptuous, richly coloured and succulent.  I really love them.


This near black Aeonium is Aeonium cyclops so named I guess because its central ‘eye’ keeps green.  This is one of my favourites as I appreciate the contrast in colour and think it is even more interesting than the black Aeonium zwartkop.

Strong colour in the garden is growing on me and this combination is not for everyone perhaps but I really like it.IMG_8602

These are the unopened petals of Crocosmia Lucifer dripping in rainwater against a pink backdrop of img_8457Penstemon Garnet.

Right it is time for a glass of something delicious. Cheers. D.