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A late Monday vase from me to share with you and our host Cathy. An old Dundee Marmalade pot, a frog and a bunch of gentle citrus coloured flowers. Citrus isn’t gentle, I hear you thinking and I know that, but these are shades of yellow orange and lime so work with me! Oh and the frog, in case you are wondering, is not an amphibian.

In the mix are lemons from Rose The Pilgrim, fennel, and limes from alchemilla mollis and Hydrangea Annabelle. Orange is in the form of Rose Lark Ascending and Calendula Oopsy Daisy and Indian Prince.

Yellow The Pilgrim
Lime alchemilla and orange Lark Ascending
Orange, lemon and lime
(Sort of)

The frog? Amphibious but not amphibian.

Ta dah

Have a good week wherever you are and thanks for reading. D.