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The heat here is most unusual, pushing 32 degrees. It saps my strength and the garden is showing lots of signs of stress. Leaves and in some cases flower heads are drooping, Hydrangea and Eupatorium are especially prone to this when it is too hot and there has not been enough water. A simple remedy is to wait until it is almost nightfall and then soak the roots for several minutes. Overnight the plant will perk up and hopefully by morning will be looking fully restored. This is the most effective way of watering, so much better than a sprinkler on for hours.

As for flowers, I have picked one stem of Rose Brother Cadfael. A baby pink, softly scented, David Austin Rose. This took a long time to start this year but is now in its stride. The camera has darkened the true pinkness of colour so you’ll have to trust my description there.

Brother Cadfael

It seems an unashamedly girly rose so I’ve no idea about the choice of name.

Then I have picked a few dahlias. these are rich dark shades.

These are dahlia pompon Downham Royal. Single Bishop of Auckland and two new ones

I hope you are coping with this heat and staying safe. If you have time pop over to Cathy to see what other vases have been put together.

Have a good week wherever you are and thanks for reading. It looks as if storms might be rolling in later this week. Not the right sort of rain I guess. D.