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The thing with cutting garden flowers to join Cathy and other gardeners from around the globe is that by bringing them into the house you get to inspect the flowers at close quarters. Detail, that might be missed when out in the wider garden, can be noticed and admired.

The left hand flower is actually a series of tiny flowers forming one mop head. This is Hydrangea arborescens Pink Annabelle. It is a pretty shade of pink but I am disappointed with its vigor, it is not a patch on H arborescens Annabelle.

The right hand stem vase holds half a dozen stems from Seseli Montanum. I saw this originally at The Plant Specialist and loved its feathered dark green foliage and its tiny umbells of flowers. A rather sweet border plant for a sunny position.


I like how they open creamy green and turn pinker as they mature. The colour almost matches the Hydrangea.

Add the Bishop

I then picked a single flower from Dahlia Bishop of Auckland. Possibly the only dahlia that wouldn’t over power this combination of flowers.

Have a great week wherever you are and thanks for reading. D.