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I have had little time in my garden of late, for various reasons including the inclement weather. I had moved my Aeoniums and species pelargoniums out of the worst of the weather into the shelter of the summer house but had not had opportunity to move them back out into the open. In just a couple of weeks the foliage has changed. My six to share with you and The Propagator include these.

Aeoniums back in the open air

It fascinates me how the lower light levels quickly change the black foliage back to green. Plants are so cool. If you look at the tiny rosettes of Aeonium atropurpureum cristata, front right above and centre below you will see how the once almost completely black rosettes are now green with black edges. Hopefully they will have time to revert to black before they come in the house for Winter.

Aeoniums on 19 August

Foliage is beginning to show seasonal change. This is my small blossom tree

Showing distinct Autumnal foliage matching last nights sky.

Night sky over the barn roof

The foliage of Crimson Glory vine is not crimson yet but it is definitely turning.

Vitis coignetiae

Thoughtful colleagues have dropped a trug of produce to me . These squashes are grown from seed and are ornamental gourds. Stunning in this mornings light.

A blast of sunlight
Ornamental gourds

September is when the grasses come into their own. Calamagrostis, stipas, Molinias all have a place in my garden.

Stipa tenuissima
Molinia Transparent
Calamagrostis Karl Foerster

These all tolerate my very exposed garden and do not need staking. They capture the low level autumn light unlike any other plant. If you don’t have any grasses, I highly recommend them.

Finally, flowers. Flowers still going are roses, dahlias, rudbeckias and Seseli as well as Asters and the reddening flowers of ice plant, formerly known as Sedum.

Formerly known as Sedum Autumn Joy
Rose a Shropshire Lad
Geranium Ann Folkard

Geraniums were cut back hard about a month ago and are flowering again.

These are my six this evening. Have a good weekend wherever you are and thanks for reading. D.