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I managed to visit Harlow Carr for the first time this week. The weather was chilly and there were some short sharp showers, but as you know, us gardeners are undeterred by weather.

The place was reasonably busy thanks to half term holidays but as it is spread over a significant site it did not feel crowded a key concern at this time.

Harlow Carr

The six I am sharing this week with lovely you and our host The Propagator are my highlights from the garden at RHS Harlow Carr.

Standout foliage of Bergenia and Maple

I love this image, the ruby red of the fallen maple leaf looks so vivid against the emerald rich green of the Bergenia.

2. The trees at Harlow Carr are exceptionally beautiful at this time of the year thanks to Japanese Maples and Liquidambar. The variation in colour and texture is incredible. I don’t think I have ever seen so many varieties at this the peak of their Autumn season.

Planted at key points around the garden the foliage literally sings out.

3. Outside the booth for Bettys’s Tearooms there was a fun cage for leaf collecting.

(Tea) leaf collection

4. There is a vegetable garden area which is as you would expect is an arrangement of raised beds and veg but the part I really liked was a bobbly hedge of Malus Evereste. This looked very attractive.

Bobbly Hedge

5. In a corner there is a lovely Exotic garden full of luscious leaves and bright shining dahlias.

Dahlia, Canna and Salvia
Pink dahlia and Melianthus

6. Around a beautiful tree is a circle of hedges of yew and an exquisite bench.

Circular rings around the tree
Yew hedges hugging around the tree

I love how the hedges enclose the area around the tree. The beautiful bench around the mighty trunk, the views enclosing and opening the surrounding garden, as if protecting the tree.

My six from Harlow Carr. I hope liked this snap shot. Have a great weekend wherever you are and thanks for reading. D.