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Hello. It seems ages since I managed to share a vase with you or Cathy. I always try to have something from the garden in the house although I do not always seem to have the time to write a blog post about them. Anyway here are the flowers.

A jug of Daucus carota

Apologies that these are not the best pictures, the light had faded and the electric lights were on. I hope you can see the variation in form depending on the stage of the flower.

These are easily grown from seed, sown in the early spring, directly where they are to flower or in modules in a greenhouse. They form a deep taproot and do not like to be transplanted. The flowers are lace like, in shades of burgundy through to white and then green.

They have a wafting habit, rather wispy. They do need staking but once flowering they are prolific. Reminiscent of Cow Parsley they make good fluff for flower arrangements but I like them best on their own.

Daucus carota has several common names including Bishops Lace, wild carrot, birds nest, Queen Anne’s lace. Given the variation between the flowers it is not surprising really.

Please take a look at Cathy’s post and see some of the flowers from around and about, always a pleasurable thing to do.

Rain is forecast here for this week. I hope you have a good week wherever you are and thanks for reading. D.