It is with great sadness that the family of DigwithDorris today announce the passing of Dorris, whose real name was Rebecca. She died at home in early December 2020.

Rebecca was an exceptional landscape gardener and horticulturalist, who worked on countless projects, both big and small, to transform outdoor spaces into dynamic natural landscapes. For the past five years she has shared her gardening journey, transforming a sparse goat paddock into a stylish and insect-friendly space that has become the hub of family life.

Rebecca’s DigwithDorris blog, inspired by the nickname her colleagues gave her while working at a garden estate on the edge of the Chiltern Hills, was a great source of joy.

Each week she would dedicate time to photographing the parts of her gardens and the plants she came across that brought her happiness. She loved to share this with all of her followers; family, friends and strangers alike. She greatly enjoyed seeing other bloggers gardens and communicating with like-minded green-fingered people. Some of her greatest friends were made through a shared love of nature.

She loved visiting other people’s gardens, discovering new plants and creating spaces that each year would grow and change. She thrived when faced with the challenges of each new season and created peaceful outdoor spaces that encapsulated the feeling of being at home.

She first opened her garden for the National Garden Scheme in 2018 and since then has raised over £3000. Her children, Gabriel and Phoebe, would like to continue this fundraising in her memory. The National Garden Scheme is an organisation supporting charities which Rebecca cared so dearly for and worked so hard to contribute to.

Rebecca was a much loved Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and friend. She was endlessly supportive, deeply talented and so much fun to be around. 

She will live on in the people who loved her and the gardens she transformed. 

If you should like to donate to the NGS in Rebecca’s memory and have the means to do so, then the link to the JustGiving page is below.

All the photos and videos included in this post were taken by Rebecca (or are a photo of her).