In a Vase on Monday: blue


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There is a friend out there (and you know who you are) who loves blue cornflowers. They were in her wedding bouquet I believe. I had been hoping to share these with her as the mild spell has generated a new bunch of flowers. 

The Larkspur has also given me a bonus couple of new flowers. 

How lovely to see these in the house in mid October. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing them. See what Cathy and the numerous in a Vase on Monday participants have shared with  Cathy today. 

In a Vase on Monday: petals


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The wind is getting up as predicted. I suspect like many of you I spent a large part of the day yesterday in the garden. I picked these precious last few flowers.

How delicate petals seem at this time of year. Too soft and gentle to withstand rough weather. Too colourful, too pretty, against other plants which are drying out and brown. On my kitchen window sill sits a pot of Burts Bees almond and milk hand cream, it brought to mind an old TV advert for a certain cream where a brown dried out leaf sprang back to life. Now imagine if that were possible. 

Other petals are these Cosmos dahlias and roses. 

So colourful. 

So delicate. 


This is Dahlia Labyrinth.

Let’s hope the weather is not too drastic. Pop over to Cathy to see what other vases are around this week. There are sure to be plenty of lovely flowers to see. 

Saturday smile: sunlight


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A warm October day is promised. Hoorah. This is the early sunlight illuminating grasses in my garden this morning. 

If you look carefully you should be able to see birds in flight, as if forming an orderly queue, heading to the reservoirs nearby. Canada geese perhaps? 

Enjoy your day, no matter what you may be doing. 

In a Vase on Monday: low light and dahlias


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October is such a lovely time of year. There is still some warmth in the air and when the sun shines it illuminates the vibrant colours of the dahlias. 

This tiny cut glass creamer is a good size for the shorter stemmed dahlias and clary salvia.  I see I should probably have ironed my tablecloth, my secret is out, I don’t. Look at the pink cosmos instead. 

A fistful of dahlias to share with you and Cathy. Hoping you have had a good Monday and if it was not that great, remember tomorrow is another day. 

Tuesday view: 3/10/17 with a Monday Vase 


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Evening all. First off a Vase to join Cathy. I am late for In a Vase on Monday but I hope I will be forgiven. 

These are roses from David Austin, rose ‘A Shropshire Lad’ with dahlias from Sarah Raven and opium poppy. ‘Black Single’. 

I hope you had a Vase to share with Cathy and the many other growers from around the world. 

Now to my Tuesday view. Cathy Of words and herbs , rather than rambling Cathy who hosts IAVOM, encourages us to record a view in our gardens throughout the year. It is both a useful record and interesting to see the impact the weather and seasons are having on our chosen spot. 

From the ground up, this shot shows the carpet of Persicaria affinis catching the morning sunshine. This is a very happy plant and I will have to be cutting it back before it takes over the lawn.

Molinia Transparent is doing its job well. A transparent screen. 

White sticks of self sown Sanguisorba canadensis mingling where they choose. 

Behind the Molinia is Coreopsis moonbeam, still flowering. 

Today has been lovely but in exposed parts ( the garden, not me) there was a nip to the air. Autumn is coming in fast now. We need to make the most of these last flowers of Summer before the scene turns brown and crisp. 

Just look at these lovelies. 

Erigeron, stipa, now known as Nassella tenuissima, verbena bonariensis. 

In a Vase on Monday: blue and orange


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This particular Monday has been grey and soggy underfoot thanks to the rain overnight. Needing to brighten things up I chose blue glass bottles and Autumn favourites namely Dahlias.

Dahlia ‘Totally Tangerine’

The blue glass bottles, for bottled water, were brought back in my luggage from a recent holiday in Andalusia. Too nice to just throw away, regular readers may recognise this from Silent Sunday yesterday. Thank you if you are a regular. 

Dahlia ‘Arabian Night’

Rose  a ‘Shropshire Lad’ floating in a blue glass dish used for candles from Mallorca several years ago. 

A few of the great performers this season namely marigold Calendula. Such a fresh orange colour. 

So these are what I am enjoying today as I sit at my table working. I am sharing them with you and Cathy of course. Have a good week wherever you happen to be. D.