In a Vase on Monday: snippets


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These are tiny short stemmed snips today as I try to preserve stems for my first NGS visitors next week.

Rose Gertrude Jekyll

Rose GJ hanging about at head height so I catch her heavenly rose scent.

A small pot of colour thanks to Geum Totally Tangerine, Astrantia major and Astrantia Shaggy and chartreuse froth courtesy of Alchemilla mollis.

Short and sweet. Get thee over to Monday Cathy to see other vases of flowers picked from gardens all over the place and not just the UK. Should you fancy joining in, all you have to do is pick some flowers, insert them in a vessel, photograph and tell us about it, adding a link back to Cathy mentioned above.

Astrantia Shaggy

Have a good week. D.

In a Vase on Monday: gifts


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It has been said before that gardeners are generous. I think all my friends are generally generous whether they are gardeners or not but when a gardening friend came for dinner she arrived with an especially generous armful from her garden. To have cut her bearded iris is so generous as they last for such a short time in the garden.

To these bearded beauties, sorry the variety is not known, she had added the white flowering, highly scented Philadelphus. (these have not liked standing in water)

Such a fresh green although it does not seem yellow enough to be P aureus in this picture.

Other foliage included a few Fatsia japonica leaves. Alchemilla mollis and an inspired addition of Epemedium.

I like how they look against the sides of the Suffolk earthenware jug, a gift from mother and father Dorris. Thanks folks.

So if you are sheltering from the steamy heat or a storm, click on the link : Rambling Cathy to see some of the other vases from around the world. D.

Wordless Wednesday: Chelsea Flower Show (sights which caught my eye)


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Auricula theatre

David Austin Rose ‘Tottering by Gently’

Lupins everywhere


Blue sky over London plane trees


Hanging vase

Tiny vases

Blue vase

Sarah Raven trade stand vases.

Delightful poppies

Camassia and Iris

Moss and Japan

In a Vase on Monday: the latest arrivals


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I am feeling that spring is passing by far too quickly as lots of the early flowers are finished. Now the first of the Astrantia and Geum Totally Tangerine have appeared.

There are Persicaria affinis and bisorta. I love the little sprays of Trillium and the umbellifers Anthriscus Ravenswing and Sweet Cicely.

The latest addition is the pale yellow flower Trollius Cheddar a favourite of mine from Chelsea last year. Sorry but the colours in the pictures are not quite right as they are under electric light.

If you haven’t done so already please pop over to Cathy to see the vases today.