Six on Saturday: Day tripper


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I have been lucky enough to take time out to visit some wonderful gardens in the last few weeks.  I rather like gardens in early Autumn as the light levels are lower and plants look wonderfully beautiful.  My six on Saturday are therefore my favourite sightings from those visits.

1. the Salutation garden in Sandwich Kent.  A wonderful garden set out by the one and only Edwin Lutyens which suffered years of neglect but thankfully is now {since 2006} under the superb control of Head Gardener, Steve Edney.  The place is a feast for the eyes with collections of exotics in a quintessential English garden.



2. In contrast to the exotics is a more traditional English look thanks to avenues of trees and Box columns in The Salutation Garden.




3. Great Dixter in Northiam East Sussex. A sublime house (Grade 1 listed)  and garden built by Edwin Lutyens.  Formerly home to Christopher Lloyd it is now held in Trust under the incredible stewardship of Head Gardener Fergus Garrett.  Famous for so many reasons, I absolutely love this garden.  This year I loved the juxtaposition of succulents and cacti planted amidst the Erigeron on the historic stone steps.


The Exotic garden was jungle like this year.


4. Just a couple of examples of the striking use of colour at Great Dixter.




5. Piet Oudolf at Hummelo The Netherlands.  The private garden of Piet and Anja Oudolf is open for the final year until 27 October 2018.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity to see this for myself I made the trip to Holland this month.  It did not disappoint.  The flat, open, rural setting of the garden has been secured and enclosed by tall walls of hedging.  Within the space, vast plantings of those perennials which Oudolf has almost single handedly made familiar to us all.  Stunningly beautiful.






6. Some wonderful trees in the garden at Hummelo provided scent thanks to the exquisite tree Claredondron trichotomum a tree that I had not seen or even heard of before.  That is why it is so good to visit other gardens, to learn and be inspired and of course to have a jolly good day out!


So for today I have shared three wonderful gardens with you and offered more than six images but hey I am feeling full of ideas and want to show you just a snippet of what I saw.  I am joining the Propogator with this entitled Six on Saturday. Enjoy.


In a Vase on Monday: stripes


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Seeking out a spot in direct sunlight first thing, I placed my bottle with flowers on a serviette, not so much because it has stripes but because the green is similar to Hydrangea Annabelle.

As I snapped my pictures on the phone I realised the stripes from the blinds were casting shadows.

The rose is The Pilgrim which has a faint rose scent. Planted next to the shasta daisies, I like how the rose colour picks out the yellow centre of the daisies and blends with the green of the Hydrangea .

So that’s it, my selection on this the 1 October. Joining our host Cathy Have a good day. D.

In a Vase on Monday: in from the cold


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The weather this weekend took a distinct dip towards Autumn: dark, rainy with chilly nights prompting discussion about whether it would be ok to turn on the heating, it would not.

Although the rain has moved on and the forecast is for sunshine, those clear skies will bring a risk of frost which will mean farewell to many flowers.

A pick from roses, Zinnias, Verbena and dahlias were available on Saturday.

I used them to brighten the table for dinner.

To sit at a table with freshly cooked food, a major treat for my parents who are camping out with microwave meals as their kitchen is about to be replaced

These are my flowers to join Cathy. Do you have some flowers from your garden to share? Do join us and send a link back to Cathy. D.

In a Vase on Monday: not one but two


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I am joining Cathy today with not one but two vases of flowers. My garden has recovered itself after the heatwave and things like Astrantia and Persicaria affinis have reappeared. In addition to these flowering, roses are also having a second show. The later flowering Coreopsis, Dahlias and Zinnias are also flowering.

Front left is my favourite rose Lark Ascending next to it the petal full, pink A Shropshire Lad.

From left is an open Shropshire Lad, pink and lilac sweet peas, no idea which they are, sorry. In the middle is a soft pink Zinnia with Astrantia behind. I am not completely sure which Astrantia this is as it has self sown, to its right is this rose, so pale it is almost white, Gentle Hermione.

By way of contrast the next vase has the Dahlia William Morris, Coreopsis Moonbeam and dark coloured Zinnias.

Added to this group is Verbena bonariensis which is making a bid to take over my garden. Worse things could happen.

Have a great week and do check out Cathy’s blog. The link is above, to see other Monday vases full of flowers from all over. What a nice way to start the week. D.

Six on Saturday: 15/9/18


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Hello. Joining The Propagator with a quick six from my garden this morning.

Verbena bonariensis tall, willowy and beautiful, a firm favourite with most people. Against a blue sky, what is not to like.

Just a green leaf?

This is a fabulous leaf, soft and furry to touch, think puppy soft, and such a magnificent scent, strong, powerful like those extra strong mints. This is Pelargonium Tomentosum. ( Not grown for its flowers which are very insignificant but white).

You know I love daisies, this is Erigeron, it’s everywhere.

Ground cover, Persicaria affinis gets into its own at this time of year. I enjoy seeing the flowers in various states of open.

The best yellow? Certainly gentle and rather charming this is Coreopsis Moonbeam.

Succulents are always fascinating and my collection is quite old but some years they do better than others. Whilst this years long, hot Summer was fabulous for them the long, dark, cold and wet Winter really harmed them. Even under glass they hated the dark and they came out this Spring looking withered and shrunken. Those that survived are looking much happier now.

Have a wonderful weekend. D.