You’ve got mail


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I love it when the post person knocks because the delivery will not fit in the box. Even better if it’s a gift.

Stand on head to read.

All carefully wrapped

Yippee! Carefully wrapped snowdrops and pots to plant them in. Thank you very much Cathy.

Now if the “Beast from the East” and Storm Emma would push off I could go about planting them. In the interim I shall pot them up in some compost and hope for the best.

Two chances!

Take care out there everyone. D.

In a Vase on Monday: floating


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This morning is of course Monday, that much you know and it is bitterly cold again which you may not know if you are elsewhere in the world ( hello Brother Dorris) but it is thankfully bright. As it is Monday I am going to join Cathy with a bowl rather than a vase full of hellebores.

Hellebores never last very long if cut and brought into the house, yet floating the heads on shallow water seems to suit them better. Certainly we can observe the beauty of each flower much more easily like this rather than having to tip their shy heads towards us.

I should love to be able to tell you which varieties are here but they are not mine. Hold up, not mine ? You see I visited a delightful garden on Saturday, open for the National Garden Scheme. NGS.

Old Church Cottage is in a very pretty and historic spot, brimming with snowdrops and crocus, cyclamen and hellebores. More about that another time. On the table, welcoming visitors, was this bowl of blooms. Can I pinch that? Well I just did.

Have a great day and stay warm. D.

Flowering wood


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On Monday I planned to join Cathy with a vase of flowers but I could not find anything suitable. I had pruned a plum tree and decided to bring a few twigs in the house. Daughter Dorris demanded an explanation for the ‘sticks’ in the kitchen. Not wishing to be a laughing stock or accused of the kings new clothes I kept my sticks to myself.

Now on Friday these sticks have rewarded me with their rather understated blossom.

On closer inspection each blossom is a cluster of individual flowers

And the twigs are covered in tiny lichens

These are so much more than sticks and I like how the colour blends with the jug they are plonked in.

Have a super day. D.

In a Vase on Monday: this old thing again


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Apologies to those of you who saw this as my Silent Sunday post.

This is the last flowers from my bargain Amaryllis bulb I purchased before Christmas. A cut stem as suggested by the in a Vase host Cathy.

The blue glass bottle was a water bottle from a cafe in Cádiz last Summer.

The fabric is a piece of hand woven linen, typical of the island of Mallorca. It was an off cut from kitchen cupboard curtains, no doors, in a place Brother in law Dorris used to live. A little blast of Summer.

Have a good week and remember we are nearly half way through February which can only mean that Spring will really be on its way.

Friday faffing: orchid


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Orchids, once the preserve of the connoisseur, the eccentric or the rich are now positively commonplace thanks to the supermarkets. As a consequence I feel a little nonplussed about them yet really I should be delighted as they have become readily available and relatively affordable.

Perhaps it is because they are available with the baked beans and the cornflakes, just stick it in the trolley with the weekly shop that Orchids no longer feel “special”. Or maybe it is because they are available in every conceivable colour, including vivid blue, that they no longer seem special or exquisite.

This one has been in the house for a couple or three weeks. It was a gift from cousin Julie and I really am enjoying it. I think perhaps it is the stripes which are visible on both sides of the petal and the rather interesting colour combination that is holding my interest.

The roots are usually in clear plastic pots as they need some natural light. I found this rather nice, clear glass, fat (jam pot shaped) vessel, which I think suits it rather well. Should you find yourself in Wendover, pop into the courtyard to see Liberty Rose Vintage. Failing that look at her Instagram page of the same name.

So what do you think about orchids? Love them or loathe them? D.