Tuesday View: 25/4/17


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Today the view is still about the apple blossom but as I took this picture, petals were beginning to fall. 

The forecast for later today is a cold wind from the North and possibly even showers of hailstones or sleet. I suspect by tomorrow the blossom will be on the ground, gone for another year. Blossom is so fleeting, perhaps that is why we all love it so.

As one plant ends its show of petals, others are getting ready to bloom. 

Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’

Allium siculum 

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ behind new foliage of Rose Gertrude Jekyll.

Some plants are still blooming such as Narcissus Thalia, showing white in the background and Camellia.

Spring is when Euphorbias are at their best including this Euphorbia griffithii Dixter. I love the strength of colour. This was planted less 18 months ago and it is bulking up nicely. 

Cathy is host of the ‘Tuesday View’ why not join us? Share your view with us linking back to Cathy. It is a really useful record of what is happening in the garden week by week. 
Finally the view

The Ash tree on the right has yet to open. I should take a look at the Oak to see where they are. You know what that might mean? 

“Ash before oak we’ll get a soak” but, “Oak before Ash we’ll get a splash.”  There you have it, fully scientific based predictions. Right I am off to read my horoscopes next. 😉

Saturday smile: the palest pink to the richest orange


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Apple blossom is covering the tree this year and it looks fabulous against the blue sky. I am a little fearful for the damage risk, posed by the forecast of cooler temperatures next week, but we cannot control the weather, can we.

We shall just have to enjoy it while we can. Another palest white with pink/ purple margins are these tulips

Named  Graceland they are part of a lovely mix of tulips with so called ‘Apricot Beauty’ and ‘La Belle Époque ‘.  Planted lasagne style they have not disappointed.

Close up La Belle Époque are very beautiful

Even their insides are attractive 

I am so pleased with these. 

I also planted a ‘scented’ mix of tulips.  Surprisingly to me they actually do what they say i.e. they smell. The colours are strong and rich, the scent rather similar to freesias. 

An eye catching bunch that are making me smile today. Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday view: 18 April 2017


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Look up to the sky and see

This beautiful Spring day, I am joining Cathy with her meme to share a view on  Tuesday.  I did do this last year and found it a good way to record just how my new garden is developing. The apple tree is one of the few trees that survived living in a paddock full of goats.  Despite the abuse and notwitstanding having had chicken wire nailed into its trunk, the tree survived.  Following three careful prunings in as many Winters, it is now in pretty good shape and rewarding me with masses of blossom this year.  I had a pretty good crop of apples last year and this one tree generated enough juice for 27 bottles.  I just hope we do not get a sharp frost to knock back the blossom, a possibility as it is still only mid April.

Apple tree with early blush of blossom

Against the backdrop of Horse chestnut trees, the apple tree is coming into its own and follows the earlier blossom of the Victoria Plum.  This year I will look at a view on the opposite side of the garden to that which I shared last year.  We have not had much rain and the clay flinty ground is looking grey and hard.  I have resisted watering but the wind is drying and if we do not have a heavy shower this week I will have to give it all a good soaking.

Ground cover in the form of Tiarella and Epimediums

The border includes a multi stemmed birch, Euphorbia griffithii Dixter, and daylilies.  As the birch has an orange bark, I have used variations on this colour

Euphorbia grffithii Dixter

throughout the season.  A poor photo thanks to the strong sunshine, no grumbling please.

the first flower of Geum Totally Tangerine

The geums seem to do well on the heavy soil and Mrs Bradshaw is in bud having flowered from about April to October last year.

The Tuesday view 2017

So much is happening in the garden at this time of year as the ground has warmed a little and the light is stronger so the weeds are on the march.  The grass had its first early trim in March and cutting is now in full flow. The daffodils are beginning to fade whilst snowdrops and crocus are long gone.  They tulips however are having their moment.   I purchased some half price bulbs from Sarah Raven including Apricot beauty below and Ballerina.

Do you have a view to share? If you do be sure to add your link to Cathy

Saturday smile: hairs


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Today the weather reached perhaps 20 degrees, lovely.  For April that is rather unseasonal and unexpected even. If, like me, you have yet to dust off your Summer wear, the prospect of showing the world your bare legs is well, too much to bear.

The tender pelargoniums were put outside this morning and when I looked this evening I noticed Pelargonium Tomentosum was suffering the same issue.

Mind you those hairs are what makes the leaves so tactile, soft like pet ears, unlike the legs. 

I hope this made you smile. D.

Friday flowers: tulips are coming


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A bunch of tulip bulbs were planted in the Autumn, lasagne style. 

I am not able to refer to my notes today so I am unable to confirm the variety of tulip. I am liking how the colour tone sits with the terracotta. Certainly they are a range from Sarah Raven, the Graceland tulip collection perhaps. 

Tip toe through the tulips time, enjoy.  D.