Tuesday View: 12/12/17


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It was a cold, crisp, bright morning here. The snow melted yesterday afternoon but then re-froze and consequently there is black ice all around.

The snow has broken the back of the Molinias yet the calamagrostis remain standing.

The water bowl which the dog likes to drink from after her walk is frozen solid. Somewhat confused by the lack of water she had make a thorough investigation.

Having established that there was no water and as if by way of protest, she decided to pose on the ice.

Hoping you have had a good day. I am joining Cathy with her Tuesday view.

In a Vase on Monday: there may be snow


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Cathy does an amazing job hosting the IAVOM. Every week she manages to find something to share with us. Well there is snow on the ground here and the challenge seems almost impossible, yet….

This is my wreath I made for my boss using hydrangeas I grow in her garden.

I picked some of the flowers in November while they still had some colour and hung them to dry in her greenhouse.

I wrapped a florists metal ring in moss and then greenery followed by the flower heads. I wired each stem to enable them to be secured.

A few small white and silver baubles were added and a silver ribbon to finish off.

So a little variation from the true IAVOM but faffing with flowers was involved. I hope you like it. Now do take a look at the other contributors on Cathy’s blog.

Have a good week and be careful out there on the ice.

Friday: faffing with flowers


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December is here and in readiness for Christmas I have today made a wreath with hydrangea heads snipped from the garden. These have been hung to dry over the last few weeks in preparation.

Based on a metal ring padded with moss and a covering of greenery, the flowers have been wired and secured in place.

A bit of silver ribbon and a few, silver and white small baubles, job done.

Hung up and ready for Christmas.

Tuesday view: 14/11/17


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I have been very poor at updating you with my Tuesday View and taking part with Cathy and other bloggers sharing their view.

On 6 November I took these pictures. There had been a frost overnight and the morning was bright and crisp.

The Molinia Transparent looked very beautiful in the sunshine and the carpet below looked colourful. Persicaria affinis dusted with frost.

The frost looked pretty.

One of those beautiful days to make us grateful to be alive.

Not sure the nasturtiums were feeling the love.

Saturday smile: berry nice


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Pyracantha firethorn

Pyracantha may not be the most exciting of plants. To be honest it’s a bit of a bruiser of a bush. It is a thorny brute that will not think twice about shredding my skin should I dare to approach with my snips / secateurs. 

Yet when I see Pyracantha at this time of year, trained around a gate like this in a local park, I forget what a thug it is and instead stop to admire its generous display of berries.

My Saturday smile for this weekend. I hope you are enjoying yours. D.