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The wind is getting up as predicted. I suspect like many of you I spent a large part of the day yesterday in the garden. I picked these precious last few flowers.

How delicate petals seem at this time of year. Too soft and gentle to withstand rough weather. Too colourful, too pretty, against other plants which are drying out and brown. On my kitchen window sill sits a pot of Burts Bees almond and milk hand cream, it brought to mind an old TV advert for a certain cream where a brown dried out leaf sprang back to life. Now imagine if that were possible. 

Other petals are these Cosmos dahlias and roses. 

So colourful. 

So delicate. 


This is Dahlia Labyrinth.

Let’s hope the weather is not too drastic. Pop over to Cathy to see what other vases are around this week. There are sure to be plenty of lovely flowers to see.