Tuesday view: 16/5/17


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Today the wind has been blowing about a warming air,  full of dust. Not terribly nice and my eyes now feel almost gritty. Through these peepers the view in my garden is looking more colourful than a couple of weeks ago mainly thanks to the Geums.

There are geraniums in the foreground and allium heads almost ready to open. There is lots of fluffy white from the Anthriscus and Sweet Cicely.  

Joining Cathy with my Tuesday view. It’s a fun way to track progress so do take a look at her blog.D.

In a vase on Monday: hand held


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Finally it is raining and even though our gardens really need it, I find myself thinking ‘yuck, enough already’. Wet dog, muddy veg plot equals unruly hair and dirty clothes.   ( probably not smelling too great either).

My vase is full of little flowers today. 

Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ looking a particularly luminous red in this grey, damp day light. Pink and dark purple Aquilegias, pink Astrantia Roma and peachy petals of Spraxis. 

The Spraxis are a mixture of peachy petals with yellow centres edged in black,  or vivid orange petals with the same interior. The orange ones are the colour of traffic cones and I suppose that helps bring the pollinators in.

My thanks to daughter Dorris for lending me her pink jumper as a backdrop and to Cathy for hosting the Monday vase meme. 

Have a good day. D.

In a vase on Monday: jewels


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  • A swift skip around the borders before work gave me this little group of flowers. Picked  for my vase and of course to join Cathy and the rest of you who take part in her weekly meme. 

The colours are jewel like, especially thanks to the orange and red/orange  Geums. These were so successful last year that I would urge anyone with a space to fill to pop some in. Easy to look after, no staking or spraying required, on my heavy clay soil they reward me with flowers from now until October. 

Shorter lived is Persicaria bistorta. Candy pink, fluffy blooms appear in Spring lasting until early Summer,  lifting the look of what, it has to be said, otherwise resembles a dock leaf. 

A single smaller tulip is included, sorry I cannot recall which one this is but its rich orange shade caught my eye. Geranium phaeum is included as well as the Anthriscus. A cultivated form of cow parsley, Anthriscus has a doilie like divided leaf accompanying the white froth of flowers. Anthriscus Ravenswing the purple leaf variety favoured at Chelsea, was purchased on sale for £1.50 about two years ago. I do love a cheaply priced plant, and although short lived, it seeds around the border providing plants for elsewhere. 

I hope you have a good week.

Tuesday view: 2 /5/17


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Today Ed began putting up a new structure in the garden. The structure will form a place to sit in the evening, to catch the last of the sunshine.

The patio was already there, previously serving as the base for a shed to store hay and feed for the goats. A perfect west facing spot for a bench, maybe, but alas the trees above drop debris and the birds generously drop droppings. 

The solution is a frame with a roof. A sort of gazebo come pavilion. 

Built from English chestnut sourced from the Ashridge Estate. Ed has built it off site and is slowly pegging it all back together. 

Weather permitting progress will continue tomorrow.  As you can imagine the view today is all about this exciting project. Slightly different to my chosen view for this season, I hope you will understand my variation. 

Cathy Is hosting the Tuesday view meme. Take a look and even better join in, remembering to link back to Cathys lovely blog. 

In a vase Monday: Bank Holiday chaos


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Bank holidays always seem a bit chaotic to me: engineering works, early closing, late opening, feels like a Sunday but it’s a Monday. Today, so too, my vase is a bit chaotic. 

There are tulips and geums, hellebores and geraniums, persicarias and aquilegias. Flowers of early Spring mixed with early Summer perennials. 

The colours are a mixed up bunch, lime with purple, pinks and reds with shades of orange.

The living room is in chaos thanks to newspapers and revision folders, half done filing and stacks of garden cushions waiting to be aired. With no where suitable to photograph the vase, I resorted to a rather precarious hand held bunch of snaps.

The vase is an Irn-bru shade of glass, a bit weird but somehow in keeping with this motley crew. 

If you have a few minutes, pop over to Cathy to see her vase for today and enjoy looking at vases from around the world thanks to the immense popularity of this meme. Should you fancy joining in, do so and be sure to link back to Cathy. 

I hope you had a good weekend and enjoy the rest of your week.