Tuesday 7/2/17: yellow


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Yellow. Generally yellow is not a colour I favour. Today however I saw a yellow carpet which I was rather taken with. 

How lovely. On closer inspection those little buttercup type flowers were really soaked after the heavy rain yesterday.

And then the sun appeared. 

Perhaps this note should just read ‘Stop the press: Spring is on its way.’

In a Vase on Monday: a gift


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I was laid up with flu this weekend. So dull. A missed opportunity to be in the garden as the sun shone on Saturday. No matter except that I have not been out to find something for my Monday vase. Cathy always manages to find a little something even at this time of year. (snowdrops? Take a look https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com)

I have however decided to share some tulips with you today. 

These are the softest pink with white margins on the leaves. 

The flowers have opened to reveal a stronger pink inside:

A thank you from a friend whose cats I fed. 

This vase is especially good for Spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips as it has a long body which narrows slightly at the top before gently opening outward to create a supporting rim for the blooms to lean against.  

I especially like the white leaf pattern on the glass which repeats the white margins on these tulips. Designed by Lin Utzon for Rosendahl, it is as attractive empty as it is with flowers. It too was a gift. 

Have a good week and mind those bugs, they’re nasty.

In a Vase on Monday: single stem


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You know how Hyacinth bulbs grow, fast and then wonky, a bit unbalanced? well this particular one was leaning in at me over the sink. 


That’s better, a single stem for the black vase, ready for Cathys “in a Vase on Monday” https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com

I hope it will last the week, sharing its sweet scent. 

Have a good week wherever you are.