Thank goodness it’s Friday: pink


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Not much to say to you, rather I thought you might like to see something pink. 

Fallen petal. Actually not a petal but a bract. Bougainvillea and shadows. 

Moroccan influence is everywhere here in Andalucia. Pretty pink glass in this lantern. 

Strange fan shaped pink plant. I have absolutely no idea what this is. 


Do tell me if you know what the weird pink fan plant is. D.

Tuesday view: 29/8/17


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This morning around 7am the garden was looking like this. 

Some closer shots

Persicaria affinis spreading nicely


Erigeron is spreading around the gravel

It is a beautiful time of year yet I think there is definitely an Autmnal look to these pictures. Yikes, Autumn is around the corner. 

Joe pye weed

At the garden where I work the greenhouse is churning out tomatoes, basil, cucumber and bell peppers. 

Harvest and Autumn approaches. 

Take a look at Cathys lovely blog as she is the host of the Tuesday view. 

In a Vase on Monday: Bank holiday snips


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I hope you have had a good long weekend, the weather has certainly been lovely.  I almost forgot it was Monday. 

As I write this post at 8pm the colours of the flowers I picked are a bit like the sky this evening. 

Red sky at night….

Shepherds delight. Well Doris’s delight with these colours. Now if you haven’t done so already, pop over to Cathy. You know the drill. I suspect tomorrow I am going to be feeling Monday -ish for a Tuesday. 

In a Vase on Monday: trade description alert


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I have prepared some of the spent lavender flowers for drying. A time consuming task but worth the effort if you like dried lavender for around the home. A good tip is to hoover some up to freshen the air, especially if you have pets.  

This lavender is not in a Vase and as such I feel I could be accused of misleading you with the heading “in a Vase”.

This is Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’ in a box.

It may not be the strongest scented of the English lavenders but it is certainly the bluest. 

This is a good time to trim up your lavender plants, taking care not to cut into old wood. A trim now will help keep the bushes neat and if the weather allows may generate some new flowers before the Summer is out.  Cathy, as ever, is hosting the IAVOM and her blog has lots of delightful vases full of flowers. Monday eye candy for us gardening folk. Do take a look.