Six on Saturday: market sights, Delft


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Greetings from the Netherlands. This morning we took a stroll around the town and these are my favourite six to share with you and The Propagator

1. The canals are looking pretty with water lilies 

There are hollyhocks growing on the path sides .

2. Famous for the blue and white porcelain or Delftware.

3. It was market day and the flowers sellers had armfuls of peonies for €6

4. There were delightful mixed bunches ready to take away. Pastel shades

5 fabulous mop head hydrangeas

Only €3 for 3 stems

6. My favourites were the flowers in strong jewel colours.

Colours as vibrant as this selection of candles

I hope you have had a wonderful Saturday wherever you are. D.

In a vase on Monday: bunches


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I picked flowers for my friend to use at her garden opening yesterday.

A few Astrantia Roma and major

Geranium Johnson’s blue and Ann Folkard

Clover type flowers from Trifolium purpurascens.

Then roses

Lark Ascending

Gertrude Jekyll

A Shropshire Lad

Morning mist

With some alchemilla mollis and cerinthe I tied up three little jam jar sized posies.

One larger bunch

Oh and a few poppies and cornflowers thrown in for good measure.

These are joining fellow bloggers and Cathy. Perhaps you could join us, it’s simple: pick your flowers from the garden, arrange, discuss and add a link to Cathy’s blog as above. Simples.

Have a great day. D.

In a vase on Monday: inspirational Kew


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Good morning. I spent a very enjoyable day at Kew Gardens yesterday. The weather held and the gardens looked as ever, glorious. The spectacular grounds are currently hosting an extraordinary selection of glassworks by Dale Chihuly .

As an idea of scale this orange piece is in front of the iconic glass house

‘Summer Sun’ Dale Chihuly

Rather like a mad medusa each single piece of blown glass twists and turns.

There are twelve pieces on display, all equally incredible.

‘Turquoise marlins’ Dale Chihuly

I love how the organic shape mimics the twisting trunk and branches of the tree.

Another great sight is The Hive an incredible 17m installation by Wolfgang Buttress. Built as a visual tribute to British bees. Read all about it on the link above.

The aluminium structure is a thing of beauty and made me think of the structure of Allium christophii which are in flower right now.

The shadows of Allium christophii in my Monday vase.

Allium christophii even the colour is slightly metallic. Joining our lovely host Cathy with my Monday vase.

Added to my Allium are Cerinthe, Astrantias, Geum Totally Tangerine and blue cornflowers.

Take a look at some of the other vases on Cathys blog, link above. If you haven’t been to Kew recently, or ever, I suggest you go, it will not disappoint.

Have a good week, wherever you are and thank you for reading. D.

Six on Saturday: Winslow


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This morning I helped my friend prepare her garden for Winslow open gardens. There was not anything major needed, rather pulling forget me nots and weeds and nipping back any over leggy growth on the shrubs. While I tackled these jobs my friend trimmed up all the box.

The weather was foul, windy, rainy and chilly. Everything was sopping wet from yesterday’s rain so anything we touched, showered us with more water. My Soggy Six today, joining The Propagator are from her lovely garden.


Hydrangea petiolaris in full lace. This grows on a deeply shaded wall of a neighbouring building and is at least 9ft up the wall. Birds are nesting so it will be tackled later in the summer when the birds have moved out and the flowers finished.

2. Ferns

My friend loves a fern and they do well in her walled garden with its deep loamy soil. This pair are in pots and we do not know the name but how delicate and ethereal next to the pot of Hydrangea .

3. Ferns ( again)

This is Dryopteris wallichiana a showstopper in colour and size. Growing amongst alchemilla Mollis and pulmonaria.


Astrantia are delightful at the moment, unstressed, not too dry, looking perky.

We believe this to be Astrantia shaggy looking perfect against Hardwick white painted timber.

5. Clipped box

This group is looking very happy after its trim.

Peonies helpfully waiting to open, ideally for the open day.

6. Mint and drift

In a raised bed sits a large hunk of driftwood. At this time of year it adds interest to the large clump of mint growing happily in the dappled light.

That’s it, my Six to share.

If you are a local reader, Winslow in Bloom is next Sunday 16 June at 11am-5pm. £5 entrance covers you for up to 11 gardens. Funds raised go to local charities. Have a good weekend wherever you are. D.

Suprise visitor



At around 2130 I walked down the garden to put the cushions away as rain is forecast. To my surprise a badger appeared from the side of the summer house.

I stopped in my tracks and watched him approach. I have no idea if it was a he or a she of course.

He was not put off by my presence, maybe he had not noticed me.

At this point I moved and he turned around and disappeared up the garden. I quietly followed but he had completely disappeared.

That was my excitement for the day. A close encounter of the beautiful kind. Thanks for reading. D.

On reflection this morning I have decided that for my gardens sake, I don’t want him back, just in case he starts making himself at home, digging or making a latrine. Yikes.

Such a beautiful creature.

In a vase on Monday: garden flowers

Suddenly the garden is full of flowers and the I suspect all of us joining Cathy are spoiled choice.

In my favourite blue enamel jug I have Cerinthe, Nigella Love in a mist, Persicaria bistorta, Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing, Calendula. There is wildflower Silene vulgaris or Bladder campion, that’s the white one with 5 petals. At least that is what I think it is rather than white campion which has a pink calyx behind the petals. In any event it is pretty and good for night pollinators.

Mother Dorris may recognise this bunch as I took them over to her, after I took these pictures.

The first of my roses to open, is the delicious scented, Gertrude Jekyll.

And for my Silent Sunday I chose this gorgeous white poppy.

I hope you have a good week, wherever you are. D.