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It is cherry blossom time in Japan. It is wonderful. These are my favourite views so far. I do not know the varieties and I have not grown these but I love them and hope you will enjoy me sharing them with The Propagator and you too.

A potted tree outside a doorway in Kyoto.

Not actually cherry at all but flowering and celebrated at the same time. Japanese quince.

Against a blue sky in Kyoto. Pink and dreamy.

At the Golden Pavilion these had just opened. Such a strong pink.

The florists are selling stems or twigs of blossoms. This arrangement was in a shop entrance.

White blossoms against freshly opened Acer foliage.

Imagine how gorgeous the blossoms are and then know that the Japanese have blossoms on all their products including cola, stationary, sweets.


Have a great week. D.